What are terpenes?

Cannabis terpenes are natural compounds found in the flower/bud of the cannabis plant. These compounds are responsible for cannabis' plant. These compounds are responsible for cannabis aroma, and are thought to help increase the healing properties of the plant.

Similar to essential oils terpenes are a similar concept: lavender essential oil helps you to relax, and stop an itchy bug bite. Peppermint oil help lessen a headache, and lemon is great for all your natural cleaning needs. Terpenes are similar, and are actually found in essential oils. they are attributed to uplifting, relaxing, or healing effects.

Amazingly, there are over 200 different kinds of terpenes that have identified in the cannabis plant, and each individual terpene is associated with its own unique effects!

Although the medicinal benefits of terpenes are still under research, recent studies have shown that they work in synergy with CBD, and other cannabinoids, to improve the value of cannabis products. The most important value of terpenes when it comes to cannabinoids, is that they help speed up the absortion of cannabinoids in the bloodstream.